We can build on this says Labour


Better Together’s Gregg McClymont, the Labour MP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, said he was sceptical regarding Scottish Nationalist claims over the Yes campaign’s win in North Lanarkshire.

He believes that unofficial figures suggesting a 58 per cent backing for Yes locally are ‘vastly different’ to figures recorded for Better Together on the night.

He said: “I am pleased that Scotland has voted in huge numbers to remain part of the United Kingdom.

“The Scottish National Party are scrambling now to claim some sort of success for their campaign as they search for direction.

“Wild claims about the success locally are a distraction from the admission in the last few months that they will not protect our NHS,’’ he said.

However, he admitted that party activists would be heeding locally concerns in the run up to the General Election on Thursday, May 7.

Mr McClymont said: “This will be a straight choice between Labour and the Tories as to who governs Britain.

“Only Labour can beat the Tories and with our commitment to an energy price freeze, saving the NHS, a new £8 an hour minimum wage and getting people back to work are exactly the kind of change we need in Scotland.”