We lost the plot

SANCTUARY Cumbernauld’s current project to build 73 new homes in the heart of Carbrain has attracted some flak from people who are upset about the loss of the main walking routes through the area.

Wednesday, 2nd February 2011, 11:55 am

Alex Beveridge of Broomlands Court contacted the News to say: “When Sanctuary Cumbernauld announced the building of 73 new houses at the Beechwood Court development, it looked as though the organisation which had replaced Cumbernauld Housing Partnership was at least trying to do something to better Cumbernauld, this despite the fact that Carbrain residents were losing a large area of green space.

“A plan of the perimeter of the building site was posted on lamposts showing the changes to be made to the surrounding footpaths, but still allowing us access north to the Town Centre. I’m afraid that since work commenced not only has the building site greatly increased in area, but there is no access to the North, except by a long detour which is not suitable for mobile scooter or wheelchair users.

“Another bone of contention is that when ground-clearing work started using large machinery, pedestrians were still being allowed to walk through the site, because the security fence had not been fully erected. This fence, on which it would be handy to have signposted pedestrian routes, wasn’t properly constructed,and has now been breached all around the site, leaving people walking through while work is progressing.

“This is a £7.1 million development being paid for mainly by the Scottish Government, and being built by City Building, (Glasgow), LLP. I assume the ultimate responsibility lies with Sanctuary, so is it too much to ask that they could at least get the contractors to address the safety aspect, and please, please, give us a viable pedestrian route to the Town Centre?”

See this week’s Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle for the full story.