Westerwood CC to hold final meeting

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Westerwood Community Council will disband after next Tuesday’s meeting, February 18, in Cumbernauld/St Andrew’s Primary School complex.

Chairman Gordon Wright who has been vice-chairman then chairman since the Council was formed 12 years ago said: “It’s most regrettable but we are lacking the support of the community.

“Within the rules laid down by North Lanarkshire Council each Community Council MUST have three designated posts – Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

“Our secretary resigned last September when she left to take up a teaching post, and despite all efforts and appeals, we have been unable to obtain a volunteer to take on the post of secretary.

“When we had only one resident at our January meeting, we felt that the support for the community council is just not there and the committee decided this week to disband.”

Gordon, a construction planning engineer who has lived in Westerwood for 19 years, added: “The Community Council has served the community fairly well over the years.

“We won our appeal to have three planning housing applications over-turned, but more recently, two objects against plans for 400 houses were turned down.”