Why did they ignore our big questions?

Producer Iain Morris, right, and son Martin, the editor, have seen huge international interest in The God Question
Producer Iain Morris, right, and son Martin, the editor, have seen huge international interest in The God Question

A Lanarkshire television production company has reached a worldwide audience with a series about science and God.

However, producer Iain Morris and his team have been unable to persuade TV channels in their own country to screen the programme.

Mr Morris, who lives in Motherwell, said this week the lack of interest in The God Question is “worrying” particularly in light of the exposure given on TV to outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion.

Kharis Productions set out to bring together world renowned believers and atheists, all of whom are specialists in science and the ‘big questions’.

Mr Morris explained: “We concluded there was a big public interest in whether or not science has really buried God, as Professor Dawkins claims, and so we set out to investigate the issue in as balanced a way as possible.

“The resulting international TV interest has been beyond our wildest imagination.”

Through Flame Distribution, the series now in 12 languages has been transmitted to the homes of 830 million people living in Europe, Asia and Africa.

It will air soon in Canada and talks have begun with the public broadcasting service network in the USA.

A version of the series for the world’s two billion Chinese speaking people is being filmed in the autumn.

Mr Morris said: “It’s ironic the series hasn’t been taken up in the UK and that makes me very worried about the state of British broadcasting.

“What motivated us to make this was that those who broadcast Richard Dawkins’s series allowed a one-sided approach to a very important subject.

“People appreciate that our series has interpretations from atheists and theists, allowing viewers to make up their own minds.

“Surely the essence of democracy is that people hear from both sides? Dawkins’s programmes, on the other hand, were like a party political broadcast for atheism.”

Mr Morris, who has been involved in TV production for 34 years, said all the major TV channels in Britain were approached about the series. Only the BBC responded but in the end it decided not to follow through its interest, although Gaelic channel BBC Alba is now considering it.

A DVD of the series is on sale, however, and shortly it will be available online too. For further details visit www.thegodquestion.tv

The BBC was asked to comment on its refusal to screen the series but declined.