Why won’t they give me a council house?

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An amputee says that the News and Chronicle is her last hope of getting a council house, despite having all the medical credentials to get one.

Desperate Isabel Houston (45) lives in rented accommodation in Carbrain’s Torbrex Road. However, her hope is to be allocated a disabled-access bungalow for herself and her 11-year old son Kieran.

Isabel’s life was turned upside down last October when she lost her leg.

The amputation followed a punishing succession of health complaints, including cancer, the removal of her bowel, a flesh-eating bug and blood clots in recent years.

The former catering assistant said: “I have been constantly fighting to be re-housed but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

“The hall is too narrow for my wheelchair so I cannot get upstairs. So I’ve had to move downstairs.

“My problem is I don’t have a toilet and I use a commode and don’t have shower or bath facilities. So I have to wash in the kitchen sink.

“I know that bringing this story to public attention might help disabled people who are going through the same problem. Meanwhile, I am really getting to the end of my tether.”

Stephen Llewellyn, NLC’s housing operations manager, said: “We are in regular dialogue with Miss Houston regarding this application.

“We are working with her to find a suitable property to meet her needs.

“We have a very limited number of homes in the areas requested and have asked Miss Houston to consider other places and property types.

“Medical-based housing applications are prioritised based on need.

“We work closely with applicants and try and identify the best solution for their circumstance with in the limited housing stock we have available.”