William swops Cumbernauld for Weekend in Girvan

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A Cumbernauld man is looking forward to the release of a short film he’s put together with a nearly all-female cast.

William Samson (57) was dramatically outnumbered by the stars of ‘Weekend in Girvan’ which is now in post production.

The former pupil Greenfaulds High School and Cumbernauld College’s media course is best known locally for filming weddings and corporate events.

Yet the more creative side of the business is what inspires the Ash Road resident and he’s delighted with the Clyde Coast-shot drama which also boasts a scene outside Cumbernauld police station. Paisley and Kilmarnock were also used as locations.

William said “Originally when I saw the script it was 10 minutes long but I told the writer, Isabella Baronella that it could be longer.

“It’s about women who work in a pound shop but all of them have a backstory. It is really well written, a lot of comedy and tragedy thrown in.

There’s some sex and violence but it’s mainly implied and I think that a lot of women in particular will really like it.

“Speaking personally, I like it because it’s not like one of these films you associate with Scotland recently.

“There’s no zombies or gangsters or Scottish miserabilism so it’s something a bit different.

“When it’s finished, the film is going to be submitted to film festivals which highlight women’s issues. I hope that eventually a lot of people will be able to see it.’’