Wilma’s for the high jump...for a good cause

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A KILSYTH woman has overcome her fear of heights and taken part in a tandem skydive for a charity close to her heart, raising over £1500 in the process.

Wilma Baxter (48), of Rennie Road, recently took part in the tandem skydive for the Beatson Onocolgy Centre Fund.

She choose the charity because her nephew William Wright (21) underwent a major operation several years ago.

She previously told the News and Chronicle, “My nephew was only 17 when he was taken into hospital for the removal of a right-sided tumour and was in the operating theatre for 13 hours as they removed his pelvis, took it to another hospital for checks and replaced it.

“He’s making fairly good progress now and this is my way of saying thanks to the staff who looked after him.”

Wilma said she will never do the stunt again and admitted there was a huge sigh of relief when her parachute opened.

She wants to thank everyone who donated to the cause.