Work starts on Condorrat’s main street

Works at Condorrat main street
Works at Condorrat main street

THE battered and tattered main street in Condorrat has been repaired by North Lanarkshire Council, drawing praise from local community groups.

The council has also replaced and remarked signs for the taxi rank, an issue which was disputed between the Condorrat Community Council and Cumbernauld Taxis and the Cumbernauld Taxi Owners Association in April, this year.

15/08/2011'Condorrat main street. GV of road resurfacing works

15/08/2011'Condorrat main street. GV of road resurfacing works

The local authority began repair works on a section of Main Road last month near Rosehill Drive, raising questions as to why this stretch of road was being repaired when the main route into the village, from Maree Drive to North Road, was still in such disrepair.

NLC said that particular phase of work was being conducted by HMC and was reconstruction work related to the A80/M80 upgrade, adding that the council intended to begin resurfacing works on Main Road between North Road and Maree Drive on 8 August.

Work subsequently began last week on the broken up strip of road at the north entrance to the village.

Alan Sneddon from the Condorrat Community Council was pleased to see work finally being carried out on a section of road which has been in need of repair for some time.

He said: “I had a look at the works on Monday and they seem quite good. Things weren’t totally finished but they were just taking care of the last bit of painting. It looks like they have made a good job of it this time. Hopefully it lasts.”

John Burke from the Condorrat Tennants and Residents Association said: “There’s still a few sections that need work near the Co-op but I’m happy with the work. I’m pleased that they have dug up the road properly and resurfaced it, rather than just patching it up.

“The parking bays still had to be done from what I could see but the main stretch of road looks excellent. Thanks go to the council for that.

“I just hope HMC have paid something towards this because it was the trucks from their motorway works that caused the damage. At peak times there were up to 70 lorries per hour coming through here.”

John Ashcroft, Senior Engineer with NLC, said: “This improvement work is part of our planned resurfacing programme. It was carried out during the school holidays to minimise disruption. Two days of very heavy rain meant there was a slight delay, however, the road markings are being completed today (Monday 15 August).”

While the resurfacing works were being carried out a separate issue was also resolved involving sign posting and road markings for the taxi rank in Condorrat.

At a meeting with NLC in April, the Condorrat Community Council and the Cumbernauld Taxi Owners Association were in dispute over the use of taxi ranks in the village.

The CCC were appealing for the number of spaces to be reduced to one, but the CTOA, whose case was championed by John Burke, objected to the requested.

NLC decided that the status quo should prevail and the three spaces should be kept but that adequate road markings and signage should be re-introduced to the area to allow taxis proper use of the allotted space and to stop other drivers using it.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: “The situation at the taxi rank will now be monitored by council enforcement officers periodically over the next six months, starting immediately (Tuesday), as agreed at our meeting in April.”