Yes Campaign song born in Cumbernauld

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A specially penned song called Rise Caledonia which aims to be an anthem for the Yes Campaign has been written in Cumbernauld and will be performed here for the first time at a belated St Andrew’s bash on Friday.

The song is the creation of Cumbernauld councillor and Burnsian Paddy Hogg who has set it to the strains of the popular piping tune Highland Cathedral.

Councillor Hogg and his musician friend Kirk James will perform the song at Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Scottish National Party dinner in the Village Hall.

He said: “Kirk will be singing it a bit more professionally than I do. He is a professional singer where I am a bit like Leonard Cohen, deep and gravelly!’’

The Galloway native has written a number of songs, notably one for Lena Martell and has drawn on the history of Scotland to inspire his work. And Rise Caledonia is no different.

Councillor Hogg said: “When the Earl of Seafield signed the Treaty of Union in 1707, he said: ‘Now there is the end of an auld song.’.Well here is a new song.’

The last verse of the song dramatically visualises the victory the campaigners are striving for.

“Rise Caledonia, land of far flung fame,

Freedom is calling the Scottish name,

Come, celebrate hear the pipers play,

At Calton Hill on Independence Day.’’