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Kieran Johnstone with mum Ann Marie and sponsorJamie Winchester from Cumbernauld Taxis.
Kieran Johnstone with mum Ann Marie and sponsorJamie Winchester from Cumbernauld Taxis.

A CUMBERNAULD boy will travel to Hungary to learn pioneering methods which will allow him to lead a more independent life - and the trademark generosity of Cumbernauld folk is making it possible.

Keiran Johnstone (10) of Craigmarloch will be one of the young participants drawn from across Europe and beyond at the groundbreaking Peto Institute’s summer programme in July.

This will see youngsters with cerebral palsy leaving their wheelchairs behind for the day to participate in the likes of hydrotherapy and other key aspects of so-called “conductive education.”

Designed as a learning process, and not as a treatment or therapy, it aims to improve development of speech and mental ability imultaneously.

Some readers may recognise Kieran as a former resident of the Craighalbert Centre but he now attends Stanmore House School in Lanark which is run by Capability Scotland.

Cumbernauld Taxis have the contract to drive Kieran there and drivers have taken the youngster to their hearts.

So when they learned that the fee for the summer programme was £1,800 and did not include flights for Kieran and mum Ann Marie they organised a charity golf tournament which will take place at Dullatur Golf Club next Wednesday (July 6).

A giant raffle has also been organised to raise funds after a vast range of local businesses agreed to provide prizes.

Cumbernauld Taxis secretary Jim Bradley said: We know that Ann Marie does a lot for Kieran and other handicapped children so we just thought that we’d like to help out.’’

A Glasgow-based charity called The Teddy Bear Foundation has already sent an international money order to cover half the cost of the trip but it’s hoped that the Cumbernauld charity drive will make up the shortfall.

Ann Marie who acts as Kieran’s full time carer said: “Keiran and I would like to thank Cumbernauld Taxis and everyone who donated prizes.

“There are a lot of kind people out there.

“The summer programme gives Kieran the chance to enjoy a bit of normality because it also offers a lot of activities that he wouldn’t be able to participate in during the summer holidays.

“Realistically a trip away with the likes of the Scouts