A change for the better is needed

Sir, – It makes me so angry to keep reading articles about the Kilsyth Community Council and why they keep rejecting plans for new shops in the area. I feel their views are old fashioned they have no idea what it is like for people like me looking for work. I feel they are preventing people from having new opportunities and choice. These new shops can bring so much to the town, new jobs, more opportunities and more choice.

I have started a new job in Stirling as there is hardly any jobs in the area, it costs me a small fortune on petrol and parking. I would love to work locally and I feel they are taking this opportunity away from me. I would shop in these new shops as I need to travel to Denny, Cumbernauld or Bishopbriggs which adds to more expense. I think the Kilsyth Community Council are afraid of change and stuck in their ways, it’s time for change.


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Sir, – I would like to thank the audience members who came along to our recent dance show.

Lorraine Mcdonald School of Dance, recently held our annual show in Greenfaulds High, just before the school easter break. Thanks to our audience members who attended our sell out nights we raised £210 from show programmes. We have families within the dance school who are currently raising money for both Alzheimers Scotland and Strathcarron Hospice, so we are able to hand over £105 to each of those families to add on to their own fundraising amounts.

Lorraine McDonald

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Sir, – Earlier this month Baroness Thatcher passed away after suffering a stroke. She was just one of the 150,000 people who have a stroke each year in the UK – that’s a shocking one person every five minutes. In fact stroke is the third biggest killer in the UK.

But the people who survive strokes often end up with permanent disabilities, and my charity Vitalise offers much needed respite breaks for people and their carers. If you would like to more information please call us on 0303 303 0147 or visit www.vitalise.org.uk.