Shouting out for great service

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Sir, – On the morning of September 11, I was going for a bus for Glasgow when I noticed on the footpath of Stoneylee/Craigieburn Road, that someone had spilled a can of white paint. I returned home and phoned Northline (Environmental Services) to report the spillage.

On returning from Glasgow the paint had been cleaned up. An excellent job, done by an excellent service. Let your council know of anything that you think needs sorting. – Yours etc.,


61 Craigieburn Road Cumbernauld

School name

Sir, – Speaking personally, I hope those charged with deciding a name for the proposed new school on the Cumbernauld High site will consider something along the lines of ‘New Cumbernauld Academy/High/Secondary’.

The current school on site has the prestige of bearing the name of the town. No urban school anywhere in Scotland would tamely drop this historic, civic status, currently enjoyed by schools in six of the seven towns in North Lanarkshire. A New Town needs a rooted heritage for its children and ‘Cumbernauld High’ represents 138 years of secondary education tradition in our area.

The secondary school was opened in 1875, in Cumbernauld Village, in response to the 1872 Act instituting state education in Scotland. It catered for children aged 5 to 13. In 1920, secondary education up to 3rd year was provided. It was scaled back to junior secondary education in 1940, with those studying to Higher going to Lenzie Academy. Until Cumbernauld High opened in 1966, Cumbernauld Secondary provided education for the area. Cumbernauld Secondary, with Head Teacher Matthew Brown, took over the new building in Kildrum in 1966.

Bearing the name ‘Cumbernauld’ puts the town on the map. The name is all-encompassing, covering Abronhill and the rest of the proposed catchment area. The name would satisfy the generations of families who attended Cumbernauld High over the half-century since 1966. Many Abronhill families attended Cumbernauld High in the 12 years prior to Abronhill High opening in 1978.

‘Cumbernauld High’ has been the name accepted by the communities of the Village, Kildrum, Seafar, Carbrain, Dullatur, Carrickstone and Ravenswood for 50 years. Adding ‘New’ to the name and possibly ‘Academy’, or ‘Secondary’ would recognise the process of coming together with the community of Abronhill.

There is no reason for denying a 138-year heritage and the good name of our Town to future generations of Cumbernauld children and families. – Yours etc.,


(SNP – Ward 4 – Abronhill,Kildrum & the Village)

Thank you

Sir, – I would like to thank the lady who handed in our missing Marks and Spencer’s freezer bag to the Police Station. We had a lot of very important documents in the bag, along with my wife’s hearing aids and my glasses. You deserve a medal and we cannot thank you enough. – Yours etc.,