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THERE is a question I constantly ask myself and wonder how many people in Cumbernauld ask the same thing, ‘‘what happened to our town centre?”

Since moving to Cumbernauld with my family in the mid seventies I have watched as a once majestic building, which was the first multi level covered shopping mall in the UK being overtaken by other towns such as East Kilbride and Livingston, who continue to grow and attract shoppers from all over central Scotland.

What have these other towns got that let them grow at such pace while Cumbernauld fails to move in the same direction or speed? Are there too many owners who stand in each others way? Is it because each part of the centre has separate management, which makes it more difficult to have a cohesive approach?

Why do shops open and close down as often as they do, is it too expensive? I have heard shopkeepers say service charges are quite high and that they have been stopped from stocking certain products because other stores sell them - surely that is what competition is all about?

I could go on and on as anyone who has a passion for the place they live could and I hope that my comments make people think a little about where they live. One suggestion for the shopping centre debate was to move away from the town centre and start from scratch . . . what do you think?

Joe Malcolmson

Cumbernauld resident

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