Youth crime rates down says report

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MSP Jamie Hepburn has welcomed a report from Police Scotland that shows a reduction in youth crime of 52 per cent from 2008/2009.

The police performance frameworks report also showed that detection rates have risen by 3 per cent since the report began in 2007/2008 and that the response time in answering 999 calls within the first 10 seconds has increased by 5 per cent.

This boost in performance is reflected in public perceptions of the police, with satisfaction levels recorded at 84 per cent and the number of complaints received by police is down 8.3 per cent.

He said: “These figures are good news and are clearly the results of the hard working devoted police officers currently serving in Scotland.

“The satisfaction levels of the public are impressive and reflect on the approachability of local police serving in our communities. Relations between the police and the public are a valuable link, important to the safety of communities. The thousand additional police officers delivered by the Scottish Government have played a key role in the success of this report.

“These officers have helped in providing a strong public policing service we are proud to offer our communities. There is no better way to police than having officers in the communities, interacting with the public to build a relationship of trust and that is why we have such high confidence levels in the police.

“Police Scotland deserves congratulations and many thanks for putting themselves forward with goals of protecting and preventing crime in our communities.”