Andrew is the MVP for Longhorns

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A Condorrat American 
footballer has swiped two awards including the much 
coveted MVP at his club’s 
annual ceremony.

Andrew Reid plays for the Lanarkshire Longhorns Junior American Football team, who came together at the Burnhill Bar in Rutherglen recently to recognise players’ achievements during the 
2013 season.

The club had plenty to celebrate having finished the season undefeated and clinching their second consecutive Junior North Division Title in the British American Football Association National League.

Former coach and club founder Colin MacMillan introduced the awards, acknowledging the contribution of head coach Graeme Clee, who’s ability to 
develop and motivate young players, and skill in reading the game played a major part in the team’s success this year.

The awards were presented by coach Clee and defence coach Anthony Dougan.

In addition to Player of the Year Awards, a number of players received coaches’ commendations for their contribution to the team during the season.

And it was quarterback Andrew who collected two awards on the night, a 
coaches commendation 
for his key role within the offence, and
also the top award of 
the evening, Lanarkshire Longhorns Team MVP 2013.

Andrew led the team not only in his role as quarterback and offence captain, 
but also in scoring, running in more touchdowns than 
any other player and kicking all the extra points plus contributing on defence and special 
teams positions.

The Longhorns would like to thank everyone who came along on to celebrate with 
the players.

They would also like to thank Brian McKigen, Jim Young and the staff of the Burnhill Bar for their support in hosting the event.

The Longhorns are now recruiting for their 2014 squad which is already looking in a good position to defend the Junior North 
Division Title.

Anyone aged 16 to 18 and interested in playing 
American football is welcome to contact the team for 
more information on 07549625649 or visit