Clyde on the move

LEAVING Broadwood Stadium will give Clyde the freedom needed to ensure their long-term existence, according to chairman John Alexander.

A statement released last Thursday announced that the club has agreed with current landlords North Lanarkshire Leisure to "work towards an exit over an extended period".

No decision has yet been made as to where Clyde will call home in the future. However, buying or building are the only likely options.

Alexander explained: "It's all about us having autonomy, not about location. We've made the decision that Broadwood doesn't give us the sustainability as a football club that we need. I think you just need to look round the whole of Scottish football – no one else is operating on a turn up and play basis like we do. There's no doubt that the club wouldn't in the long term survive if we stay here, it's just not sustainable."

He continued: "There's a whole host of things that have to come together before we make any moves. We'll be able to look at what we need and decide where is best. North Lanarkshire have said they might be able to help find us a location. I think it's a fantastically positive thing for the club."

The statement released by the club added: "Development at Broadwood in recent years and limitations of the lease mean that the club is unable to operate on a long term sustainable basis compatible with its ambitions.

"An extensive process will now begin to consider alternatives that will see Clyde back in control of its own destiny for the first time in 80 years, since the club became tenants on the sale of Shawfield."

Central Scotland MSP Jamie Hepburn said: "It has been clear for some time that Clyde have not been entirely happy tenants at Broadwood Stadium. It would be extremely unfortunate if Cumbernauld lost its senior football club and I hope that North Lanarkshire Leisure and Clyde Football Club can come to an accommodation that suits both parties and avoids this loss.

"However, if Clyde are determined to leave the town, then it is incumbent on North Lanarkshire Leisure, with assistance from the council, to ensure that there is a positive future for Broadwood Stadium.

"Ideally that might involve securing senior football for the area, but given the structure of the Scottish Football League and the lack of regular promotion to it, that may be difficult. The last thing Cumbernauld needs though is a white elephant of an unused stadium."

Local MP Gregg McClymont said: "It's unfortunate that Clyde FC will be leaving Broadwood Stadium after so many years in Cumbernauld. They have been a big part of our community since 1994 and they have given a great deal to the town.

"I appreciate that Clyde FC have to do what they feel is in their best interests of their club and their sport. North Lanarkshire Leisure must now do what is in the best interests of the town when deciding on the future of Broadwood.

"Broadwood Stadium is a great asset to Cumbernauld, which can bring jobs and visitors to the area. I hope and expect that North Lanarkshire Leisure and the council will make every effort to find new tenants for the stadium soon."