Clyde promotion hero Ally Love: I was always taking Annan spot-kick

Ally Love grabbed the ball as soon as the penalty was awarded against Annan (pic by Craig Black Photography)
Ally Love grabbed the ball as soon as the penalty was awarded against Annan (pic by Craig Black Photography)

For Clyde play-off hero Ally Love there was never any doubt in his mind who was stepping forward to take the vital penalty which sent them up to League One. He was.

Love was the Clyde player fouled for the award four minutes from the end of the Bully Wee's nerve-wracking play-off final with Annan.

And with regular penalty taker David Goodwillie off injured some debate might have been expected about who was taking over the responsibility.

But not in Love's mind. As soon as Bobby Madden pointed to the spot he grabbed the ball. And he wasn't letting go.

The 27-year-old said: "With Goodie off the park. There was absolutely no chance of somebody taking that ball off me.

"I just kept saying to myself 'score', I don't care how it goes in.

"I knew right away I was lacing it down the middle. I did the exact same in the Brechin play-off final against Alloa a couple of seasons ago."

Love did just that put the Clyde 2-0 ahead on the day and 2-1 up on aggregate with little time for Annan to do anything about it.

The visitors were far from happy with the award and Love conceded there was an element of fortune about it. Not because it wasn't a foul, but because it was unnecessary as he was missing the chance to head home Mark Lamont's cross anyway.

Love said: "I went to head it, I've got nothing on it and Steve Swinglehurst has pushed me.

"I should score, but as I've went to head it I've got too much on it. It is a penalty, but if he doesn't touch me I don't score."

Score he did from the spot, and with so little time left for Annan to hit back it was party time just a few minutes later.

Love says winning promotion with Clyde was the highlight of his career, and credits boss Danny Lennon with being instrumental in him staying in the game after the controversy of his suspension for racist comments made to an opponent during a match with Annan, shortly after he joined the Bully Wee.

He said: "This is the best ever, especially with what I've come through since I've come to Clyde.

"It's been hard and I've had some tough times, times when you're head's down and you think about chucking it, that's how bad it got at times.

"But I dug in and stuck with it and Danny was instrumental in just giving me belief and getting my head right with what we've come through.

"With the four-points deduction everybody would have written us off but we fought back and took the league to the last day of the season.

"We've now won the play-offs and I think over the four games we more than deserve it.

"I'm delighted for the fans, they've come through some tough, tough times and this is for them.

"They've been in this division for far too long and now they can go and enjoy a different chapter, the full club can. This gives the club and the fans the lift they need."