Clyde veteran John Rankin: Experienced players can be guiding light for youngsters

Clyde midfielder John Rankin reckons he and the team's other experienced players have a crucial part to play in the Bully Wee's promotion bid.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 3:07 pm
Clyde's John Rankin celebrates after his side's second goal at Elgin (pic by Robert W Crombie).

A fine 3-1 win at Elgin put Danny Lennon’s right back into the race as they took advantage of a day off for rivals Edinburgh City and Peterheads to close the gap at the top of the League Two table.

In addition to provding the delivery for Clyde’s second goal - put into the net by Elgin’s Craig Beattie - the 35-year-old side was a major influence throughout the game.

And it’s a role he says will be important in the coming months as the Cumbernauld club try to plot a path which will finally take them out of the bottom tier of Scottish fooball.

He said: “There’s myself and Goodie as well and Kevin Nicoll as well and that wee bit experience can help us through.

“You can see the young boys looking for that wee bit of guidance and if we can help them and tide us through and can get into the latter part of the season, January and February, still within touching distance then great.

“I’m enjoying my football. I’m being asked to play a number of roles and it’s fine. We play football and I’m quite happy to do so and if it helps the team.

“The club have struggled in the last few years and and so far it’s been a good start. But that’s all it’s been.”

With no game this week due to their Scottish Cup exit, Clyde play a friendly away to Linlithgow Rose.