Colts taste defeat in Challenge Cup Final

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ON Friday, May 25, Blantyre Vics ground saw the final of the Challenge Cup between Cumbernauld Colts under 21s and Mill Utd. Kick off was at 7pm on a warm sunny day and the crowd had great expectations of a good match, based on past performances between these two.

From the Colts point of view it was a disappointing result as Mill started quickly and strongly right out the blocks and got their nose in front 1-0 after around ten minutes in. Mill piled on the pressure and the Colts had no answer as they scored again in the 25th minute. A decent passage of play from Mill five minutes later saw their player deemed to be brought down inside the box by Michael McGoldrick and the referee awarded a penalty, the net rippled and it was 3-0.

The next 15 minutes until half-time were a blur for the Colts as Mill tried again and again, probing their defences. The Colts looked nothing like the team that had just won the Regional Cup and the League title as they were at sixes and sevens and well off the pace. Mill wanted it more, pure and simple.

The second half saw Colts coaches change tactics and formations several times but all to no avail. As they went two at the back to try and compete in midfield and create chances it meant extra work for defender Peter Green who had a decent second half. All in all it was a bad day at the office for the Colts and one best forgotten.

After all they still had the semi-final of the League Cup to be played on Sunday against St Rochs to look forward to. This game was played at Wishaw with a 2pm kick off. Based on the last game between the two when Colts ran out 8-3 winners this should be an easier game, or so the thought process went. Unfortunately they couldn’t be more wrong as they crashed out losing 3-2 to St Rochs who by all accounts were the better team on the day.