Kilsyth Rangers report rivals over Old Firm call off row

Kilsyth Rangers called off their match with Darvel at Duncansfield
Kilsyth Rangers called off their match with Darvel at Duncansfield

Kilsyth Rangers have reported Ayrshire side Darvel to junior football bosses following a row over the postponement of the club’s recent match at Duncansfield.

Kilsyth called the game off because of potential water supply problems in the changing rooms which are being restored following a summer break-in and vandalism.

But in a story in the national press last weekend, Darvel chairman John Gall accused Kilsyth of calling off the match to allow their players watch the televised Old Firm game at Ibrox.

The Duncansfield side are furious at the claims and have described them as ‘ludicrous’.

Club secretary William Dunbar said: “Because the game was the Old Firm game and we’re called Kilsyth Rangers they seem to have latched on to that and made a story out of nothing.”

Mr Dunbar said he was flabbergasted when the story appeared in a national newspaper casting doubt on the reason for the call-off.

Rangers cancelled the match on the Friday because of a potential water supply issue in Duncansfield the changing rooms which have had to be extensively renovated following summer vandalism.

But Darvel chairman John Gall was quoted as saying: “We reckon it’s no coincidence the Wee Rangers game is called off on the day of an Old Firm derby”. He added: “You make your own conclusions.”

However Mr Dunbar hit back: “It’s totally uncalled for.

“A lot of work has been done and we’ve had a wee issue with water pressures which at that time was only affecting one area. That subsequently snowballed on Friday at a time when the pitch was lined and everything was ready to go.

“So what do I do? Do I wait until Saturday morning when they have got cause to complain?

“Pollok cancelled their game that day on the Saturday morning because they had a issue with a boiler and there was nothing said because these things happen. It’s incredible.”