Local hero

James Quinn
James Quinn

JAMES “The Mighty” Quinn was the standout fighter at the recent Kilsyth Golden Gloves ABC “Friday Fight Night” at Kilsyth Academy.

On entering the hall in front of a 500-strong crowd the wall of sound was deafening. Never in the history of these shows has there been so much expectation heaped on anyone’s shoulders to please the hugely-partisan crowd and Quinn did not fail to deliver.

From the outset this was going to be a war and James had adapted his defence to suit his opponent’s George Formanesque tactic, but what was surprising was how much the brave Kilsyth boxer took the fight to his larger opponent, spurred on by the most vocal support the club has ever witnessed. In his corner, John Heaney instructed Quinn to “sieze the day” and deliver a performance that would be a lifetime highlight and that is exactly what he did.


Winning by a seven point margin the KIlsyth boxer held his hand aloft at the end of this battle royale knowing he had secured a magical moment in the boxing club’s and Quinn’s sporting history.

The rest of the bill featured fantastic performanes from Lee Ferns, Derek Skinner, Sean Pearce Stevenson and Adam Ghaffer as well as a host of other District and Scottish Champions, brought to Kilsyth for another sensational sell out night of top quality boxing.

The club were absolutely delighted at the turnout and sponsorship from so many local businesses, especially in these trying financial times and they would like each and everyone to know how much it is appreciated.

Club secretary John McCluskey said: “In the usual sprit of giving, the club will be making donations to Help For Hero’s as a mark of respect for the former Kilsyth boxers who have decided to put their lives on the line for Queen and Country and Amateur Boxing Scotland’s Youth Development Fund which supports younger boxers.”

He added: “It is testament to our boxers that we do not bring any also-rans to the Kilsyth shows, every bout is a highly-competitive match and I was extremely proud of the way all of the fighters gave their all for the best crowd in the country.


“This is the highlight of the year for the lads and it’s great to see the supporters all appreciate the contests we bring together for them. I had 12 boxing clubs in Kilsyth on Friday night such is the draw of this show and I know all will be back next year as the atmosphere in the Academy is electric. Thank you, Kilsyth.”