Mother and son win bowling double
Mother and son win bowling double

MOTHER and son Brian and Catherine Nedley have a lot to celebrate. Both play at Cumbernauld Bowling Club where Catherine has been crowned ladies’ champion and Brian is gents’ champion for the second time.

Not only is this an unprecedented event in the club’s history, but it seems all the more special as this concludes their 150th anniversary season.

Both are stalwarts of the club. Brian has been a bowler for 35 years and his mum even longer than that. Brian said: “It’s really nice for us to have done this in this anniversary season. My mum won a very close title match at 21-20 while my match wasn’t so close, at 21-3.

‘‘That’s no reflection on my opponent though as he normally plays better than that but unfortunately had an off day. As the matches were happening at the same time I was able to watch mum come back from 20-15 down to win 21-20.”

Brian lives in Condorrat while Catherine is in Seafar. Brian recommends the sport to anyone, young or old. “It’s a relaxing game and you don’t just play against people, you sit with them for a chat and perhaps a drink. It’s very social and friendly, there’s no animosity or rivalry in club bowls.

“My mum is 79 and very fit for her age, and I think bowls has a lot to do with it. She’s a widow but playing bowls keeps her active and gives her an interest.”