Boxer Prince expects career boost

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Although a unanimous judging decision saw Mitch Prince fail to lift Willie Limond’s Commonwealth light-welterweight ticket on Friday, the Cumbernauld fighter has no doubt the contest has boosted his career.

South African-born Mitch told the News and Chronicle: “It was a great fight. I thought I performed a lot better than thought. At the end I thought I had maybe won it by a round and after the Verdict Willie said ‘I thought you’d edged it’.”

Mitch’s promoter, Tommy Gilmour has also told his fighter how impressed he was. “Tommy Gilmour said I was definitely up at that level now. He also phoned me and said how proud of me he was.”

The fight was heavily publicised in various newspapers and online, which has really helped Mitch get his name out there. And he is sure that with a little more time in the ring he would have taken the belt.

“I was at the Radisson hotel in Glasgow for a Boxer of the Month event and was sat at Willie Limond’s table. He had a broken hand, scratched eyeball and two perforated eardrums while I walked out of the ring unscathed. If the fight was fourteen rounds rather than twelve that would have suited me fine.

Willie told me that after the first five rounds he was going to his corner and he didn’t want to get up again because he just couldn’t get away from me. If I’d known he felt like that at the time it could have been a different story.”

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