Condorrat’s rinks competition undone by the weather

The annual invitation rinks at Condorrat Bowling Club.
The annual invitation rinks at Condorrat Bowling Club.

The gents who attended this year’s Invitation Rinks competition at Condorrat Bowling Club started their day with a hearty breakfast supplied by the tournament’s sponsor Paul’s Quality Butchers.

Although the weather forecast was foreboding and two rinks failed to turn up the remaining gents were eager to get playing and in the initial stages many of the teams showed their intent with some impressive wins over talented and experienced opposition.

As the morning progressed those in contention of winning their sections were whittled down to four or five and by the lunchtime break everyone wondered who would get to the semi-finals.

Unfortunately during the first two games after lunch the storm clouds broke and within a very short period the green became unplayable. As there was no sign of the rain letting up, the competition had to regretably be brought to an end with most of the section games played.

A difficult decision then had to be made regarding the prize money, so after discussing the situation with president Hector Urquhart, match secretary John Lafferty decided that as the sections were of differing sizes, it would be unfair to calculate a winner on the basis of points won and shots scored, so the total prize money was shared equally by the four rinks who qualified as semi-finalists.

In ending the day president Hector apologised for the weather spoiling the competition but hoped those who had attended would return next year.

He also thanked the sponsor and the four lady members who cooked the breakfast and lunch.