Jade picks up double at Tannoch

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Tannoch Stables horserider Jade McCara picked up a double first when she took part in recent dressage competition.

The Palacerigg-based stables had a very busy day with the Trailblazer dressage qualifiers.

Every class had record number of entries and the day was enjoyed by all. Linda Lucey was judging and commented on the standard of riders coming forward and was delighted to be judging large numbers in each class.

Tannoch is now moving onto the five week jumping points championship incorporating the Trailblazer first round competition. The dressage will return to Tannoch in October.


Intro A, Class 1 – 1, Jade McCara riding Clio; 2, Janet Campbell on Belle; 3, Carys Ferguson on Wispa; 4, Tyler Marshall on Leo; 5, Emily Houston on Toby; 6, Renatta on Clio.

Intro, Class 2 – 1, Rosemary Stewart on Ace; 2, Louise Shields on Darcy; 3, Joanne on Darcy; 4, Pauline on Tom; 5, Kierra Finlayson on Bert.

Intro A, Class 3 – 1, Morgan Hendricks on Oscar; 2, Leia McDade on Shadow; 3, Sandi Bern on Trucker; 4, Rachel McGlauchline on Bobbi; 5, Jane Meney on Mr Darcy; 6, Alison Rudden on Betsy.

Prelim 4, Class 4 – 1, Jade McCare on Clio; 2, Anita Currie on Eva; 3, Angela Marshall on Monty; 4, Morgan Hendricks on Oscar; 5, Nicole Cochrane on Moonbeam; 6, Liz Buchanan on Cody.

Novice 24 – 1, Sandi Bern on Trucker; 2, Nevime Mahmoud on Soraya; 3, Sarah Finlay on To Be Cool.

Elementary 44 – 1, Dawn Harrison on Grangemore Lady Mischa; 2, Dawn Harrison on Enchanted Alice; 3, Dawn Harrison on TS Eddison; 4, Sandi Bern on Trucker; 5, Nevime Mahmoud on Soraya; 6, Sarah Finlay on To Be Cool.