Lots of anglers out and about

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Last week saw lots of anglers out and about.

On the fly front Alan Dean from Renfrew took an exceptional basket of two fish for 20lbs comprising a rainbow of 6lbs and a brownie that tipped the scales at 14lbs.

A brown Woolly Bugger did the damage and both fish were released.

George Gooday had one at 6lbs, Alan Cuzen (Drumchapel), five for 10lbs, Mr McArthur (Glenboig), four for 21lbs and Mr Cadbury from Cumbernauld caught five for 16lbs.

James Kilday from Kirkintilloch caught three for 6lbs 3oz, Alan Dean (Renfrew), three on C+R, Frazer Lawrie (Renfrew), two on C+R, Barry Dean (Renfrew), two C+R and Connor Black from Lennoxtown had two for 9lbs 2oz, best 5lbs 2oz.

The top taking fly patterns were the brown Woolly Bugger, Cats Whisker, Damsel, Buzzers and the Yellow Dancer.

The bait fishers also did well with Mr Currie from Glasgow taking three for 7lbs 8oz on a worm, Steven Whyte (Stirling), three for 9lbs 4oz, John Murray (Stirling), three for 7lbs 8oz, Brian Hannah (Kilsyth), two for 5lbs and Danny from Kirkintilloch caught three for 8lbs 2oz. Alex O’Rourke and Alan Cuzen from Drumchapel shared three for 9lbs 2oz.

Both worm and maggot did best last week with worm certainly taking the bulk of the catches.

Good progress is being made in constructing the two new bait ponds and work has now started in building the new club house. If the weather continues to improve then this will certainly speed things up.