NL Leisure offer kids golf lessons

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NL Leisure is offering kids from three to five years old the chance to sign-up to their Mini-Tigers golf at Broadwood.

PGA golf professional John Kelly, pictured with Aidan Craney (3), will be giving the youngsters the tips they need to play during 10 week blocks of lessons, costing £41.

The kids will practice using plastic clubs, sponge balls and Velcro targets.

John Kelly said: “Golf is a game best learned when you are young. It gives you the opportunity to

learn the basics, make and fix your mistakes, develop your grip and most importantly - have fun!”

“These classes mean kids can practice their skills in a safe environment before going near the

course. We want to get as many youngsters as possible to take up the game and introducing

them as early as possible is a great way to develop their talents.”

Contact 01236 632400 or e-mail