Olympian Lynn has lots to look forward to

Lynn McCafferty
Lynn McCafferty

CUMBERNAULD’S very own Olympian has a lot to look forward to, but it may surprise you to hear that, despite all of the glitz and competition of the Olympics, she can’t wait to move back to the new town.

The captain of the Great Britain handball team, and former pupil of St. Mary’s Primary School, Lynn McCafferty (33) is looking forward to having a settled married life, after spending six years away from her husband.

“Gary lives in Cumbernauld,” she told the News.

“I moved away in 2006, and have spent a lot of time in Denmark, so we actually haven’t lived together as a married couple. They say the first year of marriage can be the hardest, so we’ve done the right thing by living apart,” she joked.

“It’s been six years now, so I can’t wait to start my life in Cumbernauld with him.”

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