Pupil power means basketball success

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Pupils at St Maurice’s High School organised a basketball festival for primary school children last week.

The event, featuring children from St Maurice’s feeder primaries Westfield, Holy Cross and St Michael’s, was created by a team of pupils from S4 and up. The pupils who organised the event are all participants in the Lead2014 programme and attended a conference at the University of Stirling.

One of them, Christie Lamb, said: “We started work on this last September when we were at a workshop. We did various exercises covering things like the safety aspects and more then in November we had a meeting to decide on the exact nature of the event and what our roles would be.”

The committee settled on a basketball festival 
because it was a common interest and it has gone down very well with the pupils. Added to this was a Commonwealth theme where the participating teams were each tasked with learning about a specific country and making a banner featuring that 
country’s flag for an opening ceremony.

Christie added: “We did interviews with the pupils afterwards and they enjoyed meeting children from other primaries who will be in their S1 group, and they got a lot out of it overall. A couple have started attending the Lady Rocks primary sevens sessions held at the school.”

The event was deemed so successful that the pupils are already considering 
holding something similar later in 2014.