A look through the files of the Cumbernauld News

Saturday, 30th March 2013, 10:00 am

This week in 2003

A SURPRISE candidate materialised in the elections for the Scottish Parliament. Westerwood’s Chris Donohue announced he would stand as a single-issue independent opposing the M80 upgrade. However, he did not have the backing of the main lobby group on the issue, the Cumbernauld Community Councils Joint Action Group - who wanted the Kelvin Valley option back on the agenda. There was also concern in the Scottish Nationalist camp that Mr Donohue would take votes away from their candidate Andrew Wilson.

This week in 1988

CONTROVERSIAL plans to open a site for travelling people were opposed by Cumbernauld Development Corporation - who argued that it would discourage new investment in the town. The site, at Grayshill, was located a mere 120 metres from where the corporation was promoting a high-tech industrial park at Orchardton Wood. It had previously been the site of a knackers yard - but was now a prime site which was being flagged up as a hotspot for investors across Strathclyde Region.

This week in 1983

EMBATTLED Westfield parents continued their fight to have a road crossing patrol amidst fears that pupils from both the area’s primary schools were in danger on Westfield Drive. Locals had handed in a petition with 900 signatures to Strathclyde Region but the request was controversially knocked back. Parents then announced they would be holding a public meeting after rubbishing the regions claims that there was not enough traffic on the route to merit the move.

This week in 1973

LOCAL farms were turned into miniature fortress ringed by moats of disinfectant in a desparate bid to halt the spread of swine vesicular disease. Auchenkiln Holdings in Condorrat, a pig fattening centre was one such example. Farmer Alec McLean said:”Nobody gets into the farm except the workers. We can have no visitors while the restrictions are in force. And ordinary disinfectant doesn’t work against the infection. We have been sent a special type of acid solution by the Minstry of Agriculture.”