A look through the files of the Cumbernauld News

Saturday, 10th November 2012, 7:00 am

This week in 1997

A NEW dawn for shopping in Cumbernauld. That was the promise from planners who were unveiling blueprints of the new designs at a special event at the Westerwood Hotel.These would include drawings of a new mall, leisure complex and multi-screen cinema. However, the event was not without its detractors after it emerged that the event was invite only and that members of the public could not simply drop by.

This week in 1987

CONDORRAT’S boxing brothers Drew and Wilson Docherty flew out to take part in the multi-nations tournament in Hungary. Featuring some of Europe’s best boxers, the event would last for a week - but this was not the duo’s only commitment. The lads were scheduled to lead off for Scotland in the international against Wales in Cardiff just four days after returning from Hungary.

This week in 1977

WOOLCO was already selling toys for Christmas and a Tiny Tears doll seemed to be the most popular choice for young ladies. Selling for £6.25, her main rival would seem to be a Holly Hobby rag doll at £3.99. Meanwhile interest-free credit was offered for one week only on furniture and hi-fis.

This week in 1972

A LOCAL landmark would disappear in a cloud of smoke after it emerged that the defunct Lochside Coal & Fireclay company would be blasted by demolition experts. The site’s three chimneys had loomed over the town for 100 years. Workers had manufactured drainage pipes for the building industry but the plant had shut in 1970. Cumbernauld Development Corporation was responsible for clearing the site - as they had it earmarked for future development.