Rocks just miss out

ANOTHER year, another cup final and St. Maurice’s based Lady Rocks were fighting nerves, excitement and apprehension and trying to stay calm before the walk out into the brand new Paisley Lagoon arena.

Monday, 4th March 2013, 10:00 am

The opposing team, St Mirren from Paisley, were already on the court which added to the apprehension the team was already feeling.

We walked out to cheers and screams from our devoted supporters which helped to settle our nerves. The warm up was soon over and the game was ready to begin.

The first points on the board were Rocks with a three pointer but St Mirren quickly scored a few points and ended the first quarter ahead of Rocks.

In the second quarter Rocks were chasing St Mirren the whole way. There was a chance for an equaliser for Rocks but a few quicks steals by St Mirren and they were back on top and finished the half at 39-34 to St Mirren.

Another two difficult quarters were ahead for Rocks trying to pull back the game, but unfortunately the turnovers prevented the team from taking the lead.

The final quarter ended on a score of 74-57 to St Mirren. Glasgow rocks were devastated, but we shook hands with the opposition and congratulated them on their well deserved win.

Christie Lamb