Students shortlisted in Gaelic film awards

The Greenfaulds High film-makers
The Greenfaulds High film-makers

PUPILS at Greenfaulds High School are flying the flag for Gaelic after being short-listed for three prestigious Gaelic film awards.

“Ceum air Ais is Ceum air Adhart” (A Step Back and A Step Forward) is the short film created entirely by a group of 15 pupils in Gaelic Medium Education at the school which could see them win awards for Best Film, Best Production and Best Script at the annual FilmG awards next month.

FilmG is MGALBA’s Gaelic short film competition which works in partnership with BBC ALBA.

The film shows a Scottish granny educating her grand-daughter on how Gaelic was not always as strong as it is now and was almost extinct.

Second year pupil Kirsty McBain (13), who plays the grand-daughter in the film, said: “We thought it was good to show people that Gaelic has not always been as strong as it is now. It’s been a great experience and knowing another language is brilliant.

“We come to our drama club every Wednesday and everyone put something in to it.

“It’s really good to be nominated because we feel like that hard work has paid off.”

Fellow second year pupil, Mark Gordon added: “We want to let everyone know that Gaelic is a very important language for Britain and was almost dead, but people didn’t want it to be.”

Gaelic teacher at the School, Mr Donald MacKay said: “We got great funding from the North Lanarkshire Council Learning Centre and Gaelic continues to grow in this school. The pupils are very excited about the awards and we hope we can do well.”

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