An unusual twist on Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Remixed, which opens tonight at Cumbernauld Theatre, is an unconventional retelling of the Shakespeare classic.

Rather than watching the play unfold on a single stage, the audience will be encouraged to move around various locations in the theatre, where members of the 30-strong cast will be giving simultaneous performances.

The theatre’s in-house director Ed Robson and students from New CLan Arts, the acting department at New College Lanarkshire, worked together on the play.

Ed Robson said: “We have freely adapted from Shakespeare in that although we use the original text we explore events surrounding the main plot which are not seen in the original.

“With multiple performances happening simultaneously people are free to observe a single character for the duration if they wish.”

The News and Chronicle also met with three of the cast – Ross Brodie (Prince Escalus), Claudia Kelly (Dead Juliet) and Laura Doran (Forensic Scientist). The additional roles contribute towards the framing device of the play, which seeks to give the audience the feeling they are investigating a number of crime scenes linked to the main plot of Romeo and Juliet. The Dead Juliets are a rock band literally consisting of dead versions of Juliet.

We’re not entirely sure what has been cooked up here, but we’re keen to find out.

Gregor Duncan, performing arts lecturer at New College Lanarkshire, added: “ We are delighted our students have the opportunity to work alongside professional directors to produce a fully-fledged public production.

“This is an opportunity that is rarely available to students on a college course and one that we hope to build on in the future.”

Romeo and Juliet Remixed runs until February 11. Tickets, £12 full price, can be booked on 01236 732887.