Art imitates life in Hollywood romance

Claire Logue and Greg Robertson. Pic: Kev Moulds Photography
Claire Logue and Greg Robertson. Pic: Kev Moulds Photography

Couple cast as on-stage duo having just celebrated their engagement

Musical theatre fans Greg Robertson and Claire Logue were thrilled when they were cast opposite one another as Jerry Travers and Dale Tremont in Irving Berlin’s hit musical spectacular, Top Hat.

The couple, who met through their passion for shows, will take on the roles played by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the 1935 film when Paisley Musical and Operatic Society perform at the King’s Theatre in February.

Jerry and Dale’s star-crossed romance will be art imitating life as in dramatic Broadway style, Greg and Claire have just got engaged.

Claire said: “I was caught completely caught off guard when Greg proposed.

“We had been out and when we returned home I opened the door to find our lightbox set up saying: ‘Claire, will you marry me?’, and the ring and champagne.

“I read it but it didn’t compute. I turned round to him sheepishly saying ‘What?’. He asked me, ‘Well, will you marry me?’ and I said ‘of course’ and flung my arms around him.

“He had designed the ring with a jewellery designer friend, and it fitted perfectly! I was shaking when he put it on.”

The couple have been together for over six years and having met at the King’s are delighted to be returning to the stage.

Claire said: “With Top Hat, we’re returning back to where it all started for us. We met in 2009 doing a production on West Side Story at the King’s, and started dating in 2011.

“It’s really special to be cast alongside one another and in such iconic roles. We’re so excited!”

Top Hat will be on The King’s Theatre, Glasgow, from February 20-24.

Tickets cost £15-£22 from any cast member, Paisley Musical and Operatic Society, or at