Jack and his pals will take new comedy to the Fringe

Weegie Hink A That?
Weegie Hink A That?

An actor from Cumbernauld and his friends have formed a theatre company and their debut production is about to open.

Jack Gouther, a 22-year-old drama student from Abronhill, is part of the quartet Weegie Hink Ae That?, who are all studying BA Acting for Stage & Screen at Edinburgh Napier and Queen Margaret University.

He is joined by Gregor Mckay, Conor Hardie and Elliot Hannigan.

The group’s first production, “Where Ye Fae?” featuring Scottish comedy stalwart Dave Anderson, will be perfromed at the Cottiers Theatre in the West tomorrow, followed by a run of five performances at the free fringe festival in Edinburgh from August 5-9.

Jack has a lifelong passion for acting and singing.

He holds and HND in Acting and Performance. Other achievements include appearing in adverts for STV and DrinkAware and a recent tour with Blazing Hyena in For The Love of Cousins.

Jack said: “In our next year of university we wil be required to form a theatre company but we decided to start that early, get a show together and go to the Fringe.

The partnership with Dave Anderson came about after Gregor appeared with him for a play in Oran Mor. Gregor said: “We got on well and he has been really good at guiding us what we want to do.”

Where Ye Fae is a comedy sketch show in the vein of Chewin’ the Fat or Burnistoun, poking plenty of affectionate fun at the culture of Glasgow with characters and situations drawn from the lads’ own observations.

The Free Fringe venue is Blackmarket Room 4, 32 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BQ.

Our guide to upcoming gigs:

Thursday, July 20:

Swan Inn, Banton


(Musicians Welcome) 8pm

Friday, July 21:

The Vortex Lounge @ The Weavesr

2 Bob Rocket, 9pm

King Tuts, Glasgow


Saturday, July 22:

The Vortext Lounge at the Weavers