Local band’s new EP track-by-track

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A YOUNG up-and-coming Cumbernauld band who have often appeared in our entertainments section, The Replay, have just unleashed their new EP, The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Music contributor Craig Fiddler caught up with guitarist/songwriter Luke Boyce, for a track-by-track breakdown of the songs that can be found on this impending release, and what inspired him to write them.

Track 1: Life Inside Imagination

“I had the guitar part in my head for months before I decided to put it to any use but when I finally played it on the guitar it sounded like something from a 60’s spy film. We did a demo back in January and recorded the real thing in February. Basically the lyrics are about imagining living without the worries and complications of every day life.”

Track 2: My Next Trick (Will Be Impossible)

“It was written on a creative high in March. It wasn’t really inspired by anything musically; it just fell out the sky. Lyrically though it’s about the British media and Government and anyone else who gives Britain a bad name. I think it’s my favourite on the EP.”

Track 3: Who Would I Be?

“Lyrically it’s pretty much the same as the last one but musically it’s a bit lighter. It was written a long long time ago. I actually wanted to give it to another band for a long time but we kept it. We done a demo for it back in January and recorded the real thing in the same sessions as ‘Life inside Imagination’”.

Track 4: Grow Old With Age

“It was written the day after ‘My Next Trick’. It’s a kind of ‘New Wave’ influenced song. It’s by far the most aggressive track on it. It’s got big harmonies on the chorus though; it’s a bit of a mix between the Clash and a church choir. The lyrics are just an instalment of the other songs. All the tracks are themed towards politics and media. Bit of a middle finger to everything.”

Track 5: Circle Of The Drain

“This is a short conclusion track. It’s one acoustic guitar and Scott singing and it’s a bit psychedelic towards the end. All five tracks are themed around politics and the media and were written pretty close together so I suppose the EP is a rant!”

The new EP is available for download from iTunes, Amazon and other sites. A CD can also be purchased from the band’s online merchandise store, www.thereplay.bigcartel.com or contact The Replay through their Facebook page.