Lockerbie play at Cumbernauld Theatre

Image: by contributed. Cumbernauld Theatre.
Image: by contributed. Cumbernauld Theatre.

THE disaster sounds like a challenging subject for a play, but local audiences will get the chance to see how successfully it translates to the stage this weekend.

Following a three week run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Lee Gershuny’s play Lockerbie: Lost Voices comes to Cumbernauld Theatre this Saturday. The News and Chronicle spoke to the writer about her creation.

“It was certainly a challenging topic to tackle,” she said, recalling the genesis of the project. “It was a Scottish investigative journalist who had been investigating the tragedy who came to me, and persuaded me that some of the most controversial aspects of the disaster were best expressed through an art form such as theatre.”

The piece focuses on the experiences of six fictional passengers, who observe events leading up to the bombing and afterwards as they observe the investigation.

See it at Cumbernauld Theatre this Saturday, September 21, beginning 7.45pm. Tickets, £12 full price, on 01236 732887.