Christmas shows will mark finale at Cumbernauld Theatre

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Cumbernauld Theatre is certainly famed for its Christmas show which offers something a bit different to your big city pantomime.

These smaller productions rely on good old-fashioned storytelling to treat youngsters to what is perhaps their first taste of theatre - and some are from nowhere near Cumbernauld, as schools in particular flock to see the shows.

The productions are devoid of big names but not found wanting where the interpretations of memorable characters are concerned -be they be young damsels in distress, their lovable and loyal friends or the memorable villains determined to get up to no good - despite the fact it’s Christmas!

This year’s production will be the final one ever to be performed in the historic space known as the Cottage Theatre before this treasured venue moves lock stock and barrel to a purpose-built facility on the campus of Cumbernauld Academy in 2020.

The main show this year is ‘Cinderella ‘ which Cumbernauld Theatre Company has decided to revive from a critically acclaimed run back in 2006.

This sees our heroine cast away into a fairy-tale land by her wicked step-mother … but it is here in the magical forest that she meets lots of new friends who are determined to help her towards her happy ending.

The show will run from Friday November 29 to Tuesday December 24.

For younger audiences too another show is on the bill entitled ‘There’s A Mouse in the House’

Aimed at under 5s, this shows that it’s not just Cinderella who can have an adventure but diminutive Mitzi the Mouse too.

Plucky music lover Mitzi has a big dream and it sounds so simple - to sing carols on Christmas Eve by the giant Christmas tree.

Yet getting to the big tree in the park might be tricky for a creature as tiny as she is.

And when you consider that Mitzi has never set her little foot outwith her own house before, in the nicest possible way, there might be a spot of bother at some point.

However we feel here that a few more lovable and loyal friends might come to the fore here to help Mitzi in her quest..... because that is simply what Christmas magic is all about!

This show has a shorter run - from Thursday December 5 – Sunday December 22 .

To book tickets for these shows please call the Cumbernauld Box Office team on 01236 732 887 .

Alternatively, visit the website at: