Residents north of M80 invited to key meeting about amenities

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A prominent organisation in a densely populated part of town has a special invitation for residents tomorrow (Thursday).

For Westerwood Community Council is gearing up for a new session after the summer break - and has been talking about its aspirations for the year ahead.

The meeting which kicks off at 7.30pm in the Westerwood Hotel hopes to involve as many residents north of the A80 as possible.

In a joint statement issued by chairman Tom Law and his deputy Bill Crosson, the group has stressed that the emphasis would fall on securing more amenities for a part of town that is heavy on housing -but arguably less so where other facilities are concerned.

It stated: “We are looking forward to the new session and a continuation of our efforts to involve members of our community more fully in decision making that affects our area.

“This is whether it involves planning, services, local amenities or events.

“The past year was a good one for us but we need to keep up that effort to preserve the amenity of the area and work together with other community councils to raise the profile of the communities north of the M80.

“We are pleased to have had the help and support of local councillors, Alan Masterton in particular and hope that we can develop these links more fully in the future.

“House building locally has dramatically increased our population but the provision of services has not kept pace with that change.

“Transport and roads, emergency services, drainage, refuse collection are just a few examples of services compromised by the additional burden and the priority on service provision must now be emphasised.”

The organisation’s approach towards developments at Broadwood and Westway will also be discussed - although it is being stressed that these innovations are broadly welcomed by members.

It was stressed however that resident input is essential to ensure “smooth transition and introduction”.