Santa has arrived in Cumbernauld

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Members of Cumbernauld Rotary have tipped off the Cumbernauld News as to the whereabouts of Santa Claus

For it has now been confirmed that Santa is now at large in the Antonine Centre.

His quest is to find out just what the youngsters of Cumbernauld and Kilsyth want for Christmas and has set up a grotto next the play area at Costa in order to do so.

Santa has told Rotarians that he’ll be staying there until Monday (December 23)

Rotary Cumbernauld president Karen Morrison explained: “He’s sorry he can only be there for a few days but knows that everyone will understand that Santa has to rush back to his workshop to make sure the toys get finished for Christmas Eve.

“He’ll then deliver them round the world - so we do hope that youngsters will come and visit Santa and tell him about themselves and their Christmas wishes.