Street theatre nativity in Cumbernauld Village

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A minister is dressing up in a white tutu with wings and a halo to play the Angel Gabriel in a live nativity play alongside a donkey called Noddy.

Reverend Elspeth McKay and her four-legged friend are being joined by others to bring the Christmas story to life in a procession which begins at 3.15pm on Christmas Eve.

‘Follow the Star’ is the first interactive performance to be organised by Cumbernauld Old Parish Church - and it is hoped that local people will follow the spectacle through the village.

The groundbreaking performance will start at the village bus stop on Roadside where Mary will be met off a bus by the Angel Gabriel who will give her a very special message.

From there the cast — Joseph, a Roman soldier, the innkeeper, shepherds and Noddy — will walk through the centre of the village and tell their stories of what happened that first Christmas night.

Mrs McKay said: “We want to bring the Christmas story alive and re-tell it in our own setting.

“It is easy among the fripperies and preparations for Christmas to forget what it is all about and we wanted to bring the story to everyone.”